Publicity is a powerful and cost effective method for the wide spread delivery of any message. When applied to business messages, publicity is the best bargain in advertising. Publicity is free and how could you find a better bargain? Furthermore , all publicity is usually good, unless you have done something shameful for which you have just been arrested or are being sued!


The new product news release is the best sales lead generator available. AIMARKET publicity professionals will present your new product or new literature available press release to as many as 100 or more editors. Ideally a client’s new product news story will be presented first – followed a couple of months later by a literature available announcement about the same product. New product news releases produce large quantities of reader inquiries as they are published in a diverse spread of publications.

Inquiries will come from potential users of your product or service as well as potential resellers, distributors, agents and representatives wanting to sell your product for you and profit along with you. Distributors are pleased to receive leads for follow-up. This is visible evidence of your cooperation and support. The market research value of news release response is an excellent guideline. When your product receives free publicity mention in many different magazines the results will show you exactly where your future ad dollars should be spent – no guesswork! Advertising agency sales people try to sell clientele on their media analysis skills. They claim to know best where you should spend your advertising dollars.

Wrong Рwrong Рwrong! Guess again! Publicity professionals (public relations people) have to know the trade press better than most space sales people, simply because our main stock in trade is free publicity. Anyone can buy advertising space anytime. They are thrilled to sell all you wish to buy! The ad sales folks get paid on a commission basis Рof course they will talk about frequency, size, color, position! chwilówki bez bik A professional publicity person deals on a daily basis with many more publications than space sales representatives or advertising agency sales people. The moral of all this is Рtake full advantage of free PR opportunities first.

When it is time to consider paid advertising let AIMARKET publicity professionals or other competent, well-recommended publicity professionals guide you. We make our primary earnings as professional product marketing consultants and publicity writers, not commissioned advertising sales people. If we manage your space advertising campaign we prefer to do so on the basis of our normal hourly professional fee. You pay the magazines directly or we will make the buy for you and apply the commission toward our hourly consulting fee.