Featured articles

Feature Articles: This type story is the best credibility generator among the forms of publicity. Feature articles can cover an unlimited range of subject matters. A technical paper gets published in the right trade or professional journal under your CEO’s , your personal, or an engineering executive’s byline. The individual and the company gain recognition as authorities.

Some case studies wind up growing into “feature articles.” There is no clear dividing line. (Generally a feature article is longer than either a case study or a news release. A feature article will usually be illustrated by several photos and a case study or news release by only one. Technical paper type feature stories may be illustrated by charts, graphs and diagrams as well as photos.

Feature articles are placed on an exclusive basis with one magazine for a guaranteed time period. Some feature articles are written by AIMARKET publicity clients or their staff – with or without editing/rewriting (tuning up for publication) by the publicity professional. Oftentimes the articles are completely ghost-written by the publicity professional. Some magazines will give you byline credit and some will not. In a few cases the magazines will assign a staff writer to research and write the story – even visiting plant sites or remote end user locations and taking photos. Feature articles are normally 500-3000 words in length. AIMARKET publicity professionals usually research, write and make all the necessary editorial contacts in regard to placing feature stories for client benefit on an hourly fee basis.