Company Executive Action

This type of publicity is very effective in establishing company credibility, community image, enhancing financial status with your bankers and potential investors. It also helps in attracting potential employees and suppliers. An effective marketing communications program capitalizes on every occasion of possible free publicity value: employee promotions, new hires, plant expansions, contract awards received, acquisitions, new dealerships; all are of publicity interest at some level – the local news – the national trade press – the world financial news press.


Case Histories: A case study (history) varies from the news release publicity format in several ways. The case study tells how your product or service solved a particular user’s problem (your customer). The story refers to a specific customer (usually by name) and you must obtain permission for the story. AIMARKET publicity professionals will assist you in obtaining such permission from customers or end users. Case studies (typically 500-1000 words) are usually a bit longer than news release (200-300 words) publicity format. They are normally committed to one editor’s publication on an exclusive basis for an agreed period. Case studies are effective in establishing your product’s “performance credibility.” ‘They typically produce fewer leads than new product news but, a higher percentage of those leads will be of serious interest level. The great power of association goes to work for you if you just solved a problem for a known company.